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Oct 2018 – Present · 3 yrs 7 mos

I was terrified of speaking in public up to 5 years ago and then decided that I needed to change that. I have since performed over 100 speeches and I competed in a district humorous speech contest final with 5 countries (Poland,Finland,Estonia,Latvia & Lithuania). I have also done an open mic in comedy and TEDx. I was in 3 Toastmasters clubs , Founder & President of International Entrepreneurs . I have been asked by over 10 people to be their mentor as they like the style of my speaking.

Learn Polish Podcast

Mar 2019 – Present · 3 yrs 2 months

Learn Polish in a fun way at learnpolishpodcast.com

Most episodes are 3-10 minutes so you can learn anytime

The Meditation Podcast

May 2019 – Present · 3 yrs

Different types of Meditation and Breathwork with some interviews so you can listen any time of the day.

Awakening Podcast Host

Jul 2020 – Present · 1 yr 10 mos

I am exposing worldwide corruption in a different way on this podcast, not as a conspiracy theorist–but a factual speaker.

The Crypto Podcast

July 2021 – Present

Here I interview people around the World that share their tips about Crypto Blockchain technology. We discuss NFT’s , regulation as well as the best Crypto investments

About Me

I am helping people create a successful podcast. I have produced and edited 650+ shows including over 50 live.

I have interviewed a lot of famous people including Miki Willis, David Icke, Patrick Moore, Dr.Sherry Tenpenny, Dr Dolores Cahill, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Renz.

I have 5 Podcast that have all being in the Top 5% with 4 getting into the Top 0,5% of International Podcasts. This can change and these are the best positions.


I have known Roy for many years now, having worked with him both on camera, live, recorded and behind the scenes from show notes to editing and everything in between so I got to know the Roy that many of the viewers have never seen. Roy was always a pleasure to work with, always brought the best out in me so you can expect support to perform to your best. He has a way of getting you over the line and getting the job done with a smile, whatever the hour of day or night 🙂 Roy is very passionate about podcasting (5 different podcasts, say no more) and elevating others onwards and upwards on their podcasting journey from the basics to the advanced. Roy is very solution based and always seeking perfection on every episode. It is no surprise to me Roy would go on to be a podcasting coach and pass on his wealth of experience to the next podcasting generation. 



I worked with Roy to start my podcast IDEAS+LEADERS. I had no idea how to do it the technical side seemed to be too complicated. Roy explained everything step by step and not only showed me how to record, plan and edit podcast episodes, but also how to market my podcast.

Dr. Elena Pawęta

Executive Communication Coach | TEDx Organiser, IDEAS+LEADERS

I attended a training on creating podcasts – led by Roy. It was very interesting for both me and the whole group, because each of us wanted to start doing podcasts. After the training, I was already determined that I wanted to do it, but I did not have enough technical knowledge in this area. That’s why I contacted Roy directly and at the individual meeting he explained in detail and patiently everything I needed, such as how to choose a microphone and how to use the software to make the podcast have this good final shape. With full responsibility, I can recommend Roy as a great podcast mentor!


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I am aware that each person has a different way of learning. Some like to run at a project and get it done as fast as possible. Another person likes to digest each module and take their time until competent to move forward. I cater to your needs and will work to what we agree at the start. 

Reach Your Goals

I consider your success my success and aim to make you a successful podcaster.

Podcast Planner

Available on Amazon now! A Podcast Planner created by a Podcaster that has made & edited over 900 Shows. I have interviewed famous guests and got into the No.1 in many countries including the US, UK, Germany and Sweden.

This will help make your life better as a podcaster and increase your audience by ensuring you remember the various social media and use the best parts.

Complete Start to Finish

Includes : Finding your Niche. Advice with Logo. Website advice. What Platform to Use. Pre Recording Tips. Basic Video Editing. Audio Editing. Equipment to use. Types of Shows you can do & Categories. Tips to avoid future problems for co-hosting. How to Prepare for an Interview. How to get Guests. Monetization. Marketing.


Complete Start to Finish – Exclusive Option

Includes all Complete Start to Finish + Seeing my Preparation Sheets. Seeing my Correspondence on getting Guests. Finding 10 No. Guests. Help Editing the first few shows. Help Marketing. Become Part of my Podcaster Inner Circle for 1 Year where I share all new Tips. 


Online Modules

Learn how to Podcast from Start to Finish online course. You will be able to move at your own pace. I cover all the modules in the 1 to 1 Coaching programme. You will be able to take part in an accountabily programme to ensure your success.


Unique logo design for your podcast

This covers one design with the ability to make changes.


Your own website

Based on templates or created uniquely. 

starting at


Podcast editing

Audio editing (remove silences, ahs, mms, etc). Add intro and outro. Sound Effects. Sponsors details if needed. 

30 minutes


Finding guests

Finding 5 guests suitable for your podcast. You get the choice to accept.

5 guests


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